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Our Laboratory Autoclaves are designed and fabricated for steam sterilization process to Kill micro-organisms through the application of saturated steam under pressure to suit various I. S. standards application in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural Institution, Bio-Chemical Industrial, Research laboratories and Various Industries.

Technical Features:

  • Temperature Controller: Microprocessor-based LCD temp. controller( GMP model optional )
  • Pressure Controller: Mechanically operated pressure/steam release valve.
  • Pressure Gauge: Analog Dial type Pressure Gauge
  • Temperature Sensor: Standard coupling type PT 100 Sensor (GMP model)
  • Heat Exchanger: The electrical heat exchanger transfer latent heat to the clean fill water to generate steam under pressure.
  • Water Level Control: Low water level cut-off electronic circuit protects the electrical heat exchanger from low water levels inside the chamber, this cuts off the power supply to the heat exchanger.
  • Steam Outlet: Steam generated from the unit is raised and exits through the electrically operated steam Purging solenoid valve from the outlet ( GMP model)

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
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